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Our ethos

At Portland, we aim to provide the best impartial professional advice to our clients and their stakeholders, and our ethos is centered on five simple but very important values.

We have invested in an IT infrastructure that allows all our staff to work on any case regardless of geographic boundaries, thereby avoiding down time.


  1. Credible

    Our business has been built on our reputation.

    We have been providing solutions for financial distress for over 20 years. In that period we have helped thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    With offices in London, Hampshire and Dorset, our directors are key figures in our profession and within their local business communities.

  2. Successful

    We aim to be personally & collectively successful, ensuring that we offer the best service possible.

    We advise over around 200 businesses each year, helping them to deal with financial difficulties

    Each year through our inclusive approach, we benefit thousands of directors, creditors, customers and employees.

    We are well respected and have strong relationships within the business, banking and creditor community, as well as local and national departments within HMRC.

  3. Dynamic

    Our staff are committed to the provision of Business Support and Advice and continue to contribute to the development of the rescue culture within the UK.

    We are at the forefront of developments within our field, adding new and unique services to our portfolio to reflect changing demands. We also actively contribute on a national level to the development of government policy, and the law and practice relating to financial distress and business rescue.

    Our directors and senior staff have a ‘hands on’ approach, and we have a personal interest in making sure every client receives our personal attention and dedication to achieve a positive outcome.

    Our directors and senior staff are individually empowered and able to make decisions, using the full resources of the company to achieve a successful outcome.

  4. Efficient

    If you are suffering financial distress the last thing you need is a big bill from your professional advisor!

    We are used to working with the resources available and do not over engineer a situation to unnecessarily increase the professional costs.

    We are continually investing in our staff through training and development and our systems and infrastructure to ensure that bureaucracy and back office paperwork do not stand in the way of practical solutions.

    Using our experience, we can identify key issues and respond quickly. Each case is overseen by a director or senior manager who liaises directly with support staff - eliminating layers of unproductive middle management.

    Our established presence ensures that our case management systems are tried and tested and constantly updated.
  5. Approachable

    To enable us to deliver a ‘hands on’ service, we make ourselves accessible and available to those who need to contact us..

    All our directors and senior staff are easily contactable through direct line and mobile phone numbers, and through personal email addresses.

    The services we offer are specialist; we do not have a general accounting practice, so do not compete with existing accountants, tax or financial advisors, an important consideration when a continuing business is likely.

    We are happy to meet without obligation and provide guidance or expert advice to other professional advisors and those seeking our assistance.

Benefit from our experience

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