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Where a business sees challenge, we see opportunity

For over 30 years, we have helped thousands of businesses to face their financial difficulties, and deliver solutions that other financial support services can’t provide. Our approach is to truly understand the very heart and soul of a business, and work with its people to brighten up their futures.

Our team has real strength in depth, in everything from business law and government policy on finance, to our understanding of how to run a successful business. Meet us, and we’ll help you to look forward with confidence

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An introduction to our management team

Carl Faulds
Managing Director

“I understand the financial challenges a business can face, sometimes through no fault of their own.”

Mike Fortune

“People say they have confidence in me and my ability to assist them with practical and creative solutions.”

Nicola Layland

“With many years of practical experience helping businesses in financial distress, I know that time is often of the essence and efficiency is key.”

Steve Godwin

“My approach is based upon being able to assess situations quickly and respond to the needs of the individuals involved.”

Sandie Williams
Client Director

“Very little surprises me, although every day still throws up new challenges and I still get huge satisfaction when clients appreciate my help.”

Stewart Goldsmith
Associate Director

“If you want an advisor that speaks your language, who understands the financial, time and competitive pressures you face, I am that person.”

Andrew Rumsey
Client Director

“I identify the potential solutions to financial distress and my calm approach then ensures that the process is run smoothly.”

Portland Leonard Curtis’ ethos

At Portland Leonard Curtis, we are dedicated to advising business owners and other professional advisors, through the expert understanding and meticulous, respectful handling of each case. Our company values underpin everything we do.

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Our business has been built on reputation. We have been providing solutions for financial distress for over 30 years, and in that period we have helped thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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We aim to be personally & collectively successful, ensuring that we offer the best service possible. We offer insolvency advice to over around 200 businesses each year, helping them to deal with financial difficulties.

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We are at the forefront of our industry, in step with every change in law and policy, and heavily invested in IT infrastructure to support our staff with any case. We are committed to the provision of Business Support and Advice and continue to contribute to the development of the rescue culture within the UK.

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If you are suffering financial distress, the last thing you need is a big bill from your professional advisor! We never over-engineer a situation to increase costs, instead, we work with the resources available.

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To enable us to deliver a ‘hands-on’ service, we are an open door to those who need to contact us. Our directors and senior staff are easily contactable through direct-line, mobiles, and personal email addresses.

Find out more about our range of services. Call 01489 550 440 and ask for a free consultation so you can review your options