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Carl Faulds

I had never been in this position before and I wasn’t really sure who to speak to or trust, Carl, didn’t try to sell me anything, but gave me some great advice and options which I hadn’t thought of. I am now so relieved that I called Carl and Portland for advice.

Managing Director Marketing Company South Hampshire

I understand the financial challenges a business can face, sometimes through no fault of their own.

I understand the financial challenges a business can face, sometimes through no fault of their own. With over 24 years experience at the front line of helping business with financial and commercial issues, I appreciate that there is a lot at stake and delivering the right support and advice is paramount.

I formed the Portland group of businesses to offer a different perspective. Whether the issue is a problem with an unsuitable lease, a group restructuring for tax reasons, a cashflow issue requiring one of our unique Cashsolv services, including intelligent debt collection, or a simple or complex business recovery assignment, we have the dedicated team and financial tools make the difference. 

We are recognised and clients comment that they are impressed with our efficient, professional manner and our pragmatic approach, great value for money and high quality service.

Who am I?

I have owned and operated a number of businesses and I know how tough that can be and the blood sweat and tears involved. If you want someone in your corner that not only understands what matters to you, but will support you, is tenacious and has the expertise to help, I am your man.

Outside of work, I am a family man with three children, two dogs and a number of tropical fish. I enjoy the occasional game of five a side football, but my main sporting interest is playing golf; I am a member at Hockley Golf Club and currently hovering around a single figure handicap.

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