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Cheryl Richards

I understand that making people feel at ease and listening to them are the first steps to finding a viable solution

I joined Portland after leaving a 10 year employment within the business operations sector of one of the large high street banks as I wanted a new challenge.  Fast forward several years and I am fortunate enough to be working alongside a dedicated team of passionate people who have inspired me to rapidly grow my talents and capabilities within business recovery.

I manage both corporate and personal insolvency and have a passion to continue developing my knowledge within the industry, continuing to offer the best service to clients.

Being flexible and approachable is a crucial part of my job.  It is hard for the directors of a company to make the decision to place a company into some form of insolvency, therefore it is important that they have the confidence in me to guide them through the process and answer the many questions that arise, not only from the directors themselves, but also employees or creditors to name but a few.

Taking the time to understand the financial difficulties of my clients and efficiently planning and executing a solution to achieve the best outcome for all parties is my driving force.

Who I am

I enjoy going to the gym and playing tennis.  I love a challenge, which will often bring out my competitive side.

I am the boss of my household, or so I believe, I have two children who would probably disagree!  When I’m not working or keeping fit I love to spend with my children, teaching them new things and making memories.