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James Tickell

Why did we choose to work with you?’ I guess the answer comes in two parts. Firstly you were strongly recommended. But secondly and more importantly, once we had met we were very confident in how you chose to work with us and to guide and advice during the very difficult process. At all times we felt you to objective, reasoned and logical. There was no culture of apportioning blame, merely the desire to do the best for employees and creditors alike and the direction that you gave us certainly helped. We felt that we could be open and honest with you, as you were with us, and this engendered a spirit of cooperation, rather than one of antagonism which I feared may come about. Essentially you created an environment where we could continue to work and make decisions confident that we were working together for a common goal.

Managing Director Food Manufacturer Wales

My skill is getting to the crux of the problem, knowing when to be creative and using my experience to test what is feasible

I have qualified both as a chartered accountant (FCA) and as an insolvency practitioner, so I know all parts of the company life cycle. After university, I spent twenty years developing my skills with a global accounting firm, before joining Portland in 2003.

Whilst professional qualifications are reassuring, I also have over thirty years practical experience of giving sound commercial advice. With this experience comes confidence, perspective and a solution that will suit you, be accepted by others and be achievable.

I have experienced most industries and types and size of business.  I enjoy the technical challenge of leading the larger more complex assignments that we handle.  Some are listed in the links below. I am particularly proud to be developing an innovative funding facility to companies in administration or CVA whilst the business is rescued and/or a better outcome is delivered for all concerned. This appeals particularly to management teams who fear a distressed sale imposed by their lenders.

Essentially, I want to support anyone who cares passionately about their business, irrespective of size. I have for example worked with many charities and small businesses, including as trustee and director.

Who am I

I am married to Elaine, with two boys now on their way to university, and a lively springer. We have lived in Horndean for over 20 years. Elaine is heavily committed as a parish councillor. I co-ordinate a volunteer group that helps keeps our open spaces accessible for all.  We also support a local village pub in more ways than one…