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Stewart Goldsmith

Stewart is the ultimate professional who sensitively undertook a complex company closure with positive outcomes for staff, distributors, advertisers and the community at large through the relatively smooth continuation of the title of the magazine. Stewart was thorough, approachable, easily accessible and possessed a wealth of knowledge about insolvency procedures and practice which proved invaluable. He makes the perfect partner for any director faced with severe financial problems while working tirelessly to produce the best outcome for creditors.

Nick Ralls

Common sense with practical ability

I have been providing financial business support and advice to businesses in a calm and succinct way for over 14 years. When individuals come to me for help with the financial position of their business, they can be assured that they will receive straightforward guidance with a clear understanding on how to move forward with a solid plan of action. I passionately want my clients to succeed and underneath my calm, mild mannered exterior, there is a determined mind-set to make sure that they are provided with all the help possible to reach their objectives.

My experience covers a wide range of business sectors and disciplines and my financial skills are able to be applied with an understanding of employment, property and contract law. As well as providing advice in relation to cash flow issues and general business funding, I have also dealt with the sale of businesses as an exit plan on the owner’s retirement and also in more severe situations of financial distress, where a methodical and calm approach is vital to protect those potentially at risk of suffering the financial consequences.      

As a business owner – if you want an advisor that speaks your language, who understands the financial, time and competitive pressures you face, an experienced professional who will find practical solutions when problems arise and who above all, you can trust, I am the person to help.

Who am I

I am a very sociable person with a broad range of interests. I have a background in computing and embrace new technology as a tool for both business and leisure. I enjoy following the developments in social media and the way technology is changing the way we interact both socially and in business.

I enjoy most sports, regularly playing 5 a side football and I like to keep fit through running and cycling.

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