An introduction to our management team

Sandie Williams
Client Director

A wealth of experience

I have over 30 year’s experience providing support and advice to a wide range of businesses. Very little surprises me, although every day still throws up new challenges, and I still get huge satisfaction when clients appreciate my help.

Over the last 30 years I have seen significant changes in the way business is done, but success always seems to come back to the basics of being able to manage the finances in a way that supports the owner’s objectives. A lot of my work involves liaising between clients and their other professional advisors. Whether its gathering information, managing the parties involved or taking responsibility for delivering expected outcomes, I take pride in doing what I say I will do, when I said I will do it.

Who am I?

Loyalty and trust are qualities that I value along with being organised and efficient. I am also very determined and competitive, no more so than when I fulfilled a lifetime ambition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I was ecstatic when I reached the peak after 6 days of strenuous trekking. Even though at times I was physically and mentally exhausted, I was able to draw on my work and personal experience and apply my determination of retaining a positive attitude and never giving up.

Sandie Williams Portland

“Sandie is professional, personable and yet very persistent. Apart from being excellent at what she does, what comes across above anything else is that Sandie is totally committed to achieving the desired outcome for her clients. That often means receiving emails from Sandie in the evening and weekends as well as the occasional from holiday.”

Mr Captan | Managing Director, Whitedrake

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