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A personal plea from Steve

I need your help for a good charitable cause! My fellow Directors have ganged up on me, and in conjunction with the Rainbow Centre Charity, they have arranged for me to be arrested by Police Officers (off duty but in uniform) at my place of work on the 28th November 2013.....

Their cunning and devious plan is that I will be arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted, charged and taken to Jail at Westgate Hall, Southampton and not released until I raise £500 in ‘bail’ money to be donated to the Rainbow Centre.

My plea is therefore for donations towards the £500 target,  as I am sure you will agree, I am not suited to an abstemious life of porridge and it would be rather unfair to make anyone else put up with me in a confined place for more than a couple of hours!

As you know, I am a perfectly respectable Director at Portland and the charges, which have yet to be disclosed, will no doubt be a wholly unjustified, fabricated slur on my (to date) impeccable character.

I should be grateful please, for any contributions to secure my release, and help the Rainbow Centre, by contributing towards the fund for my ‘bail’ charge of £500!

The Rainbow Centre (www.rainbowcentre.org) helps children and adults with cerebral palsy and those living with Parkinson’s, MS, or a Stroke to learn to do the things we all take for granted – to walk, to sit, or to be able to eat independently. The Rainbow Centre is a home grown charity and needs to raise over half a million pounds a year to stay running to help the 70 individuals plus their families who regularly attend the centre.

If you wish to donate towards my bail, please click here.

If you are kind enough to donate, please also leave a note that this donation is towards ‘Steve Godwin’s bail’.

Thank you in advance for your support


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