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Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) – The facts (part 1)

Find out the real facts around a Company Voluntary Arrangement and their overall success. Separate the fact from the fiction.

Even with all of the advantages of a Company Voluntary Arrangement in mind there are still many negative myths and untruths circulating about the success of a CVA, so I thought it was important to separate fact from fiction.

It is important not to rely on the advice from the man in the pub, and talk to a trusted expert for the facts.

CVA factsContrary to the myths, Company Voluntary Arrangements do work and creditors do support them if the business is viable and the proposals themselves are sensible. In my experience, in circumstances where a well prepared proposal is agreed by creditors for a genuinely viable business, the majority do succeed and creditors receive a better outcome than if the company had ceased trading and been placed into liquidation.

We are successful in getting almost all proposals accepted by creditors, because we take the time to ensure each on is appropriate for the individual circumstances.

Read the first part of the full article on our sister site, Cashsolv, to hear the true facts.

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