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Company Voluntary Arrangement rescues firm from financial difficulty

Hear our case study of how a firm pays back creditors in full via a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) over 42 month term and flourishes.

Directors from ancillary garden products firm had recently set up another company to develop a new custom made multi website software platform to help the company deal with the sales of its many product lines.

Unfortunately whilst it was considered by the directors to be a unique product it had taken significantly longer to develop and drained more resources from the trading company than was budgeted for and in reality could afford.

Due to a real risk of distraint over the company‘s assets and possible compulsory liquidation the directors chose to  persue the route of a CVA.

Read the full article on our sister site, Cashsolv, to hear how a well executed CVA has saved the day with only one monthly contribution left to make into the CVA as well as  creditors receiving full repayment of their debts.

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