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Portland Business Recovery to remain Independent

Portland Business Recovery, the Hampshire and Dorset Business Recovery and Insolvency Practice has today announced that it is to remain independent.....

Carl Faulds, Managing Director said ‘We are not merging with a much larger firm with its own accounting practice that will be competing with our referrers. We will continue to offer the same quality of service with the same personal touch as before and we will not become timesheet terrorists’.

Portland is well known for its practical, common sense approach to dealing with financial distress and as it is a privately owned and managed business, our feet are firmly on the ground and we provide a quality and flexible service to our clients. As we offer specialist services, we do not compete against accountants or other professionals, who are therefore able to refer their clients to us without any fear that we will coerce their clients away from them. The profits made from providing this specialist service also do not contribute towards a marketing budget, designed to win general practice work away from our referrers

Key Facts: 

  • Portland Business Recovery is owned and managed by its four directors / shareholders, who are personally involved in dealing with clients, supported by a team of a further 25 professionals.
  • Portland is one of a few specialist Business Recovery firms that is not part of a larger general accounting practice.
  • Portland’s expertise and knowledge is well respected throughout Hampshire, Dorset and the South by Accountants, Bankers, Solicitors, HMRC and other creditor groups.
  • Portland has one of the largest teams of Business Recovery specialists in the South and the resources to deal with most financial distress situations from the local small business to complex multisite corporates.
  • Portland is a well established and respected firm, built on solid foundations and with longevity in the business community as a priority.

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