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Quick business loans could be the answer when your bank say’s NO!

What do you do when you need a quick business loan and the listening bank, won’t listen?

Obtaining a quick business loan is not always possible with a bank and we appreciate that due to extremely tight lending criteria, this is not always the bank’s fault, but down to personal circumstances.

A recent example of how our sister company, Cashsolv, could help can be outlined where we provided a quick business loan in emergency circumstances.

The council’s bailiffs due to arrive the following week, when the director of a London-based bicycle business approached us initially for an unsecured £15k emergency loan. Cashsolv were able to help by providing a quick business loan even though his bank were not willing to go beyond the existing unsecured £20k overdraft that they were providing.

Find out how Cashsolv were able to review the business finances and successfully save the business by reading the full article on our sister companies website.

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