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Sky’s the limit after Portland Senior Manager’s exam success

Portland Senior Manager Suzy Franklin is celebrating passing the highest obtainable qualifications in the insolvency profession, JIEB (Joint Insolvency Examinations Board). The much sought after qualification involved 30 taught days in London, including revision courses and mock exams.....

Suzy commented: “After months of hard work, I am pleased that all my effort has paid off. The reason for taking the exam was to further my knowledge in all areas of insolvency, as well as the challenge itself.  The qualification is a big commitment and one which you simply cannot pass without putting in the time.”

Portland Director Mike Fortune said: “We are delighted that since joining Portland’s Poole office in 2005 as a Case Administrator, Suzy has gone from strength to strength. She has not only grown within the organisation, but also as an individual who wanted to progress as an Insolvency professional. Her passing, what is universally considered a highly challenging qualification, is a reflection of the hard work and dedication she has displayed over the years.”

Suzy now plans to continue to offer Portland clients the high levels of service they are used to, and to actually spend some time with her husband.

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