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‘Views from the Outlook’ by Robert May - HM Revenue & Customs and payment plan problems

In these times of uncertainty and financial pressure, many businesses find cash-flow tight and the ability to pay their tax bills in one go can be strained. On a number of occasions we at Portland have been asked what we think the attitude of HM Revenue & Customs (‘the Revenue’) is to payment plans.....

Not long ago, the Revenue was supportive to business and would accept payment plans of varying amounts and lengths. However, as time has passed, so their attitude appears to have changed. Now it can no longer be guaranteed that the Revenue will accept payment plans.

There seems to be no consistency as to what the Revenue will or will not accept. It seems to vary between different Revenue collection offices and indeed between different Revenue officers. It appears that where one officer will reject plans on the grounds that they are too long or the officer doesn’t believe they will be complied with, another will accept them.

 With no real guidance or consistency, getting agreement to a payment plan can be tricky. We at Portland are mindful of the problems and are quite happy to assist in any capacity with your clients’ dealings with the Revenue or other creditors. In particular we can detail the options available to clients in the event that they need a plan B or C should the Revenue not accept a payment plan and start taking action.

Robert May
Senior Manager (Poole Office)
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