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As the name suggests, we are licenced and therefore regulated to undertake a number of different procedures under the Insolvency Act. These procedures are designed to deal with the various circumstances that exist when a company gets into financial difficulty.

In some cases, it’s just about negotiating a deal with creditors and using a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) to formalise that deal. This may enable a company to repay some or all of the debts over a period of time. This could be over several years, or upon the realisation the sale of a specific asset such as a surplus freehold property through to dealing with the Liquidation of a company, where there is no potential for the company to survive.

In a Liquidation, our main role is to ensure that the assets are realised for the maximum price possible and the funds are distributed in the correct order of priority. We also have a role of statutory investigation, which means that we have to review the conduct of the Directors that led to the Liquidation. We have various reporting requirements in that respect and we also have legal processes which we can invoke to try to recover funds for creditors in those circumstances where it’s appropriate.

We deal with a wide range of companies from small to large in all sorts of different industries. So our experience and knowledge has to be wide and varied to enable us to deal with all the different circumstances that we face.

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