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In addition to our unique approach to cashflow problems and Business Recovery, we have a number of other services for specific circumstances.


As part of our ethos of serving our clients, we have developed a low cost Capital Distribution service for solvent companies under our QuickCap brand.

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Viability Reviews

If it feels like the business is running out of control, the fog is descending, or you just have a problem and you are not sure what to do about it, we can help by providing a Viability review.

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Investigations & financial recovery

Over many years we have experience of carrying out investigations on behalf of numerous parties. We have investigated fraud connected to murder, asset stripping, VAT and Tax fraud.

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A reconstruction is typically looking at a group of connected companies and businesses and identifying viable parts that may need to be freed of loss making parts or products, or simply separating the entities to a achieve a division of ownership.

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Dispute Resolution

Disputes between parties can come in many forms. It may be a dispute with a customer regarding contractual terms, often connected with payment. It may be between joint owners over the future direction of the business.

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Solvent Distributions to Shareholders

Not all winding ups are insolvent - a successful company may need to be wound up so that retained profits can be distributed to shareholders in a tax efficient way with the added benefit that the company’s affairs are closed down and finalised.

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