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Investigations & financial recovery

Over many years we have experience of carrying out investigations on behalf of numerous parties. We have investigated fraud connected to murder, asset stripping, VAT and Tax fraud.

We have pursued dishonest directors on behalf of creditors and bankrupts who have sought to put their assets beyond the reach of creditors. We have investigated and pursued claims against customers who have sought to avoid payment and traced assets around the world.

It is a sad and uncomfortable fact of life, but financial distress can cause or be a symptom of misfeasance, fraud or dishonesty on the part of someone connected to the business. Where there are suspicions of misdemeanors, investigating the circumstances, establishing the facts and gathering the evidence can be a challenging process that needs to be handled with an astute mind combined with sensitivity and persistence. It is also key to consider at the outset, the consequences that may flow from the investigation.

If financial recovery is the goal, establishing the ability to pay of the anticipated target is fundamental, prior to incurring significant costs that may not be recoverable. If criminal proceedings are likely, working with the relevant authorities is paramount.

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Benefit from our experience

At Portland we often carry out investigations into the conduct of the directors in the period prior to insolvency and have taken action against directors that have fallen foul of the law and as a result we are able to advise directors what to do to ensure that they don’t fall foul of the law.

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