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As part of our ethos of serving our clients, we have developed a low cost Capital Distribution service for solvent companies under our QuickCap brand.

What is QuickCap?

QuickCap is a low cost Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (“MVL”) where we deliver a cost-effective and efficient liquidation at a fixed price.

Why use it

The QuickCap process can be used where other alternatives of returning the surplus cash back to the shareholder are not allowable, appropriate or available or where liquidation is more suitable or preferable.

When to use it

Where a simple, straight forward MVL can be carried out and only cash or cash equivalent assets are held.


It is cheaper than a normal liquidation and the client and advisor are much more involved in the process which enables us to pay the distribution of funds to the shareholder sooner.

How you use it?

Please call us on 01489 550 440 for more information or to start the process.

Benefit from our experience

Call 01489 550 440 or contact us to discuss the options available