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Viability Reviews

If it feels like the business is running out of control, the fog is descending, or you just have a problem and you are not sure what to do about it, we can help by providing a Viability review.

Many firms will see a viability report as the presentation of a statement of facts and identify the problem. We go a step further and provide a solution. We have dealt with thousands of businesses over many years and can draw upon many specialist skills. Why are we different? Our positive attitude means that our reports are very much focused on finding the way forward, it’s what our whole business culture is based upon.

A viability review can take many forms, targeted on the specific business and issues, but could include:

  • Consequences of acquisitions, disposals and product changes
  • Capital equipment investment
  • Sales and marketing plan
  • Cost reduction
  • Working capital improvement - credit management, stock control
  • Management changes and training
  • Funding requirement and cash flow management
  • Financial controls
  • Action plan - the who, when and what
  • Key performance indicators to measure success

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Benefit from our experience

In many cases, a viability review leads to major strategic decisions such as a merger, acquisition or disposal.

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