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Limit my liability

Once a client approaches you for help in an insolvency situation there are a number of potential risks that may impact on you.

  1. Don't break the rules

    You may have existing unpaid work in progress. We can advise as to how to maximise your recovery, without breaking the rules as regards preferences.

  2. Limit your exposure

    You may be asked to carry out more work, with a limited prospect of payment. We can either limit your exposure and risk by carrying out some speculative work ourselves. The worst case is that we don’t get paid either, but hopefully the goodwill generated stands us in good stead for future referrals.

  3. Put your client in safe hands

    We can become the client’s principal advisor and if we are successful in ensuring a continuing business, you can feel safe that as we specialise in insolvency and business recovery we are not going to be competing against you in the future.

  4. Understand our ethos

    If a formal insolvency appointment is necessary and during the course of carrying out our duties as insolvency practitioners we require input from other professional disciplines, we will where possible continue to use existing professional advisors, as this nearly always makes sense from a cost effective point of view and we have no desire to exploit the opportunity to try to win favours elsewhere.

Benefit from our experience

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